Building a Strategic Network

Building a strategic network is critical to your success as a professional, not just in the business development realm. Lawyers and other professionals rely on their networks for referrals, leads, mentors, and professional services that facilitate business. The strength of your network opens opportunities or limits your career. One of the most effective use of an attorney’s business development time is in the area of strategic network development.

The video will give you some ideas on how to approach to developing a strategic network.


Analyze your network. Go through your contacts and identify those who might be potential clients, referral sources or connectors who might be able to introduce you to people whom might be a good match for you or your firm. Prioritize these contacts – which ones need increased frequency of contact? Which ones might reveal an opportunity for business development? Which ones have experienced change recently and might need some help?

As you go through your contacts, analyze your network. How can I improve my network? If I were to join an industry or professional association in order to make new contacts, which associations should I consider? Am I relying too much on college and law school contacts? What community organizations should I consider joining? What are your next steps to develop a strategic network?

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