Managing Business Development Conversations

We could devote an entire course to conducting business development conversations, but in this lesson we focus on some of the basics:

  • Approach these conversations with a “helping” mindset, not a “selling” mindset.
  • Consultative selling is about finding a bespoke solution for the client. It is a collaborative process.
  • Plan business development conversations with questions, rather than “selling” statements. Ask more than you tell.
  • Approach social connections with business development potential with genuine curiosity and a helpful attitude. Know what you want from the conversation so you are clear when you ask for help.

Here’s the video:


Plan out a business development conversation with one or more of your contacts. Research their business and their personal background (, google search, etc…). Write some questions you would like to ask them about their career, profession, and company. What would be a good question that would reveal a possible business change or legal opportunity for you to offer help? What question(s) might show your willingness and ability to help them personally?

Then, set up a meeting (in-person or by phone or video), and have the conversation.

What did you learn? What questions worked, and which ones didn’t? Did you find an opportunity to help her or him? Did you determine a next step or meeting?

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