Marketing Mindsets

Most lawyers and professional service providers did not go into the profession in order to be in sales. However, in most firms, business development activity and getting new clients for the firm is critical to success as a partner. Fortunately, there are skills and tools we can use to make business development more like “helping others” than “closing the sale”. It starts with adopting several mindsets about business development that underscore our attitude and actions.

Let’s start with a short video on marketing mindsets:


In your notes, answer these questions:

  • What mindsets do you have about marketing and business development that hold you back or limit your effectiveness?
  • How can you reframe some of those mindsets to open up new possibilities for business development? For example, reframing “selling” into “helping others”.
  • What are your top three goals related to marketing and business development, and what do you think you need to do to achieve those goals?

Additional Resources

Here are few articles that you might find helpful:

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