Role of a Leader

In this lesson, we have three modules:

  • An overview of leadership challenges and roles in today’s law firms,
  • The importance of creating a culture of learning, in order to foster continual change, and
  • Skills of effective followership and delegation.

When going through these modules, think about your own leadership practices. Make notes to yourself on how you might improve in one or two of these areas. Choose one or two practices that resonate with you and be more conscious about increasing the frequency of those leadership behaviors. For example, if you want to improve the relationships you have with people on your team, make an intentional effort to connect one-on-one with people and ask them questions about something that is important to them; show that you care about them. Or, if you want to improve your implementation skills, spend some time thinking about how to provide more structure to your management skills by tracking key metrics and setting benchmark goals with your team.

Enjoy the lesson.