Welcome and Orientation


This online course is aimed to help leaders in law firms think about how they can be more effective leaders in their firm, community and in the LAW network.

Each lesson has one or more learning modules. Each module consists of a short video, a suggested activity and several additional resources.  In this lesson there are two modules (see below). To begin the lesson, click on the first on “Welcome to the Course”. When you have finished that module, progress to the second module, “Why Leadership Development”. When you have completed both modules and checked the “Marked Complete” box, move on to the next lesson. You will need to “Mark Complete” for all modules that you complete in order to receive the certificate at the end of the course.

At the end of the course, you will have the resources to write an effective leadership development plan.  

The course is designed to take between four and ten hours. Of course, if you engage in some of the additional reading and resources, it might take a longer. 

My name is Mark Beese, and I’m the Founder of Leadership for Lawyers. Leadership for Lawyers is a consultancy focused on helping lawyers and other professionals become stronger leaders and business developers through training, coaching and consulting. You can learn more about L4L at leadershipforlawyers.com

Thank you for enrolling, and enjoy the course!