Encouraging the Heart

Often when I open a leadership workshop, I’ll ask participants to think of a leader that had a profound impact on them – a leader that they try to emulate. As we go around the room sharing stories of leaders that have shaped us, one thing is clear – impactful leaders encourage others. Researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner call this “encouraging the heart”.

As you go through the articles and videos in this module, consider how you can improve your “encouragement game”. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone to lift someone up, highlight their achievements, overcome self-doubt, and to show your appreciation.

Oh, and don’t skip the last video. It’s one of my favorites.

Work From Home (WFH) is Corroding Our Trust in Each Other
(Mark Mortensen and Heidi Gardner, Harvard Business Review)

Helping an Employee Overcome Their Self-Doubt
(Tara Sophia Mohr, Harvard Business Review)