Project Management

Legal project management (LPM) borrows from the practices of project management found in construction, manufacturing and service delivery, but adapts them to processes used in providing legal services. As the legal market moves more toward alternative pricing models, project management practices help law firms better understand their costs, profit margins and inputs into pricing models.

Like process improvement, project management practices could be a course unto itself. In this module, we’ll get a sense for what LPM is and how lawyers can use these tools to deliver more efficient and profitable services.

Legal Project Management – What is it and Why Should You Care? (Bill Josten – Thompson Reuters)

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has outline the Legal Project Management process rather succinctly in this guide:

Legal Project Management (Nancy Jessen, Bret Baccus – ACC)

Dig Deep – Bonus Material (Optional)

Here are a few webinars that are worth watching if you are interested in LPM and how one can apply the concepts to improving legal service delivery, especially in small to mid sized law firms:

Introduction to LPM – Mark Lassiter (Colorado Bar Association) – 75 minutes
Legal Project Management – PWC Legal – Peter Dombkins – 75 minutes
LPM – ABA Webinar – How to make it actually work